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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen I have been inspired to reactivate my Blog so my community is educated and updated regarding the epidemic we are experiencing locally and nationally with our Cat and Kitten Populations. I receive calls weekly regarding many situations involving society and the surrender of their pets for multiple reasons, reaching out in despiration to find a loving home for their pet. Many of the issues relate to health, loss of a loved one or relocating to another city or state. I hope you will join me in my quest to work together with my Community Cat Coalition Team and begin to implement effective public policies, ordinances, and secure revenue generating alternatives to help find homes for adoptable cats and kittens, provide low cost or no cost spay/neuter services and to improve the feral and homeless cat population through Trap/Neuter/and Return TNR and work together to Manage our Neighborhood Cats for a Better Quality Of Life for Kingston Citizens.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Kingston Cats"

Good Morning:

My name is Jean Jacobs and I have been an animal advocate my entire life. I have devoted a considerable amount of my time, concerned about the animals and their welfare in the City of Kingston. I am sure as you read my post today, many of you have family pets that you care about considerably and understand the peril many animals endure on the street on a daily basis.

For the last 5 years Marie Post has been the City of Kingston (Cat Warden). Through her efforts many animals have been placed in loving homes, many have been saved from a life of despair, deprivation and disease and many feral cats through the (Trap, Neuter and Return Program) were returned to their colonies to live out their lives. Marie Post resigned from her position as the City of Kingston Cat Warden in December of 2011 and currently the program is under review by the City of Kingston municipal governmental officials.

Our economical climate has been a considerable factor and families have been unable to provide for their animals, or they move to another location and leave their animal behind to fend for themselves. Many cities across America are experiencing this problem and it is up to us, the concerned citizens to become their voice and make a difference in their lives. Every day we read in the media the life saving stories of animals on the street and how our society rallies to these occasions, even putting their own life on the line.

Please join me in my Mission to work together in an effort to determine a method of control, resources and partnerships required, to manage the cat population in the City of Kingston. There are over 83 million cats in the United States and through our efforts we can empower the public by educating them and making them realize their role and responsibility as pet owners.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You
Kingston Cats

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Kingston Cats"

Dear Community: 
Last evening at the Laws and Rules Committee meeting, I presented a time line for the "Kingston Cats" to the Common Council committee members.  Marie Post former City of Kingston Cat Warden has resigned her position effective December 2011. Over the next month I will present a Future Control Plan regarding Kingston Neighborhood Cats, at an affordable cost to the taxpayer while protecting their welfare through Continuing Public Education Programs and working with area Veterinarians, Alley Cat Allies, and Animalkind, Inc.

City of Kingston
Laws and Rules Committee Meeting
At A Glance From: Jean C. Jacobs
City of Kingston, Cat Advisory Task Force Chairman
Date January 17, 2012

May 2010 –December 2010
January 2011-December 2011
Best Friends Animal Society Statistics 2010: 
  • Estimated Number of Cats City of Kingston 7,230 
  • Estimated Number of Feral Community Cats 3,970
  • Estimated Costs Associated with Alteration and Return per cat $270.00
  • Estimated Costs Associated with Discount Packaged Alteration and Return per cat $130.00
  • Estimated Costs Associated with Eradication Per Cat: $300.00
  • Estimated Savings for Taxpayers in Kingston through TNR $138.000
  • Estimated Savings in Kingston New York with Discounted Sterilization and TNR $708.100
  • The survival rate for feral kittens in the first six months is 25%, with an average litter of kittens born every six months, Kingston NY could witness as many as 993 feral kittens born and survive in one year.
  • TNR Programs are the most effective approaches to controlling community cat Populations.
  • Definition Feral Cat: Any cat of any age born outdoors, without an owner, who is unsocialized and avoid human contact.
  • Definition Stray Cat: Can usually be re-socialized and adopted.
  • Millions of feral cats are killed in shelters each year because they are not adoptable.
  • FACTS: January 26, 2010 Marie Post Year End Report
  • Marie Post Report 2010 City of Kingston Feral Cats Trapped, Neutered and Returned (Total 213) in 2010.

n      May 20, 2010 City of Kingston Conservation Advisory Council presented Recommendations for Cat Legislation from Julie Noble, Chair of the CAC.

n       June-July 2010 Legislation: Local Law 6 of 2010 of the Common Council of Kingston, amending Chapter 151 of the City Code of the City of Kingston:

n       September 7, 2010 Local Law 6 of 2010 was passed by the Common Council on Tuesday September 7, 2010

n       September 10, 2010 Kingston Times Correspondent Michael Novinson interviewed Jean Jacobs known in her neighborhood as the “Cat Whisperer” in an article, proposed law lets city seize cats, Kingston residents to have say.

n       September 23, 2010 Public Hearing by the Honorable Mayor of the City of Kingston Cat Legislation. 45 people came to demonstrate their opposition to the proposed law. Potential problems, enforcement, cost to enforce, and safety. Prior council members who voted for the legislation said,” they would not support overriding the veto”. September 23, 2010 Mayor James Sottile vetoed the controversial Cat Legislation.

n       September 23, 2010 ABC News Correspondent Marcus Solis (National News) came to Kingston and interviewed Jean Jacobs (Self Proclaimed Cat Whisperer) at her home and he interviewed Dr. Arnold Rugg at the Kingston Animal Hospital. Dr. Rugg states,” city does not have trained personnel to deal with wild cats, nor the money to enforce the legislation”.

n       November 8, 2010 Mayor Appoints Jean C. Jacobs City of Kingston Cat Advisory Task Force Chairman.

n       November 23, 2010 first meeting of the City of Kingston Cat Task Force hosted initially by Honorable Mayor James Sottile.

n       January26, 2011 Report for 2010 presented by Marie Post City of Kingston Cat Warden.

n       January 2011 Cat Advisory Task force members meet and begin to draft a Mission, Vision, Goals and a Purpose.

n       February cancelled.

n       March 2011, Cat Advisory Task Force created an e-mail a blog and a FACE BOOK PAGE “Kingston Cats” Continuing Community Education was a key component that the task force agreed was essential to create the partnership within the City of Kingston Wards 1-9 neighborhoods.

n       April, May and June  2011 Cat Advisory Task Force realized the importance of Continuing Public Education and discussed the importance of a crafting a public flyer labeled “Kingston Cats”

n       June 2011 Mayor James Sottile sent an e-mail which states, “Would like the Cat Task force to Wrap It Up because the summer was upon us". 

n       June 2011 the City of Kingston Advisory Task Force prepared an update and review which was forwarded to the Mayor James Sottile.

n       June-December 2011 Cat Advisory Task Force awaiting the directive of Honorable Mayor James Sottile with a formal recommendation for the future, based on the Update and Overview presented in June 2011, by the Cat Advisory Task Force.

n       November 2011 Jean Jacobs spoke with Mayor Sottile regarding the accomplishments of the Cat Advisory Task Force and explained we were waiting for his directive. He responded to me by saying, “He would investigate the issue again and discuss with the Common Council”.

n       December 12, 2011 Marie Post sends formal letter of resignation to the Kingston Common Council.

n       December 31, 2011 As a result of my discussion with the Mayor in November, I never heard back from him regarding a directive for the future of the Cat Advisory Task Force.

n       January 3, 2012 Marie Post sends an e-mail letter to Jean Jacobs announcing her position of resignation and outlining how this currently affects the present contract with the City of Kingston.

n       Additional Foot Notes: Jean Jacobs Volunteer working with Marie Post from 2010 until current 2012. Currently I care for 2 cat colonies and have rescued numerous cat and kittens under the direction of Marie Post.

"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight."
--Albert Schweitzer


Thursday, January 12, 2012

City of Kingston
CAT Advisory Task Force
420 Broadway, Kingston, New York 12401

From: Chairman Jean Jacobs and Cat Task Force Members

Date: July 2011


In September 2010 Mayor Sottile vetoed legislation Section -1 That Section 151, Article V of the City Code of the City of Kingston (Article V Cat Control) that would have made cats without identification of ownership subject to seizure. Mayor Sottile cited a lack of enforcement resources. Mayor said,” the legislation was vetoed because the City did not have the finances and a plan in place to oversee and enforce the law”. The Mayor ensured that resources would be found and put in a dedicated account with city clerk to assist the panel in their long term-solutions.

On November 8, 2010 the Honorable Mayor James Sottile forwarded a letter addressing the matter of managing the feral cat population in the City of Kingston. Now that we have a number of volunteers interested in assisting the City in establishing measures to take control of the feral cat population the first meeting will be scheduled for November 23, 2010. The Task force would determine method of control, resources and partnerships required legislation that might be required, and any other component for an overall control plan.

Since this time the City of Kingston CAT Task force has conducted their monthly meetings (excluding February 2011) from December 2010 until June 2011. During this time many of the original TASK force members due to family obligations, work schedules, etc. could not continue to attend.

n      UCSPCA Cat Population between 110-and 180. Majority of the UCSPCA residents (90%) are surrendered due to economy or people moving and leaving the area.
n      Estimated Number of Cats in City of Kingston 7,200
n      Estimated Number of Feral Cats in City of Kingston 4,000 and this count grows by the day. (Based on 2010 Statistics) (Best Friends Animal Society)
n      TNR Programs will save Taxpayers Money
n      Feral Cats can reproduce up to 6 times per year.
n      Report for Year 2010 from Marie Post, 213 feral cats TNR: at clinics, veterinary hospitals.
n      TNR Programs supported by municipalities in California, Florida, and Illinois have reduced feral cat populations by 20%-40% in five years.
n      Current Cat Animal Control Plan can not meet the demanding needs or the cost of the feral and abandoned cat population in the City of Kingston.
n      Lack of Continuing Education and Volunteers in the City of Kingston.

n      Mission Statement
n      Vision Statement
n      Purpose
n      Kingston Cats” Facebook Page”
n      E-Mail Account
n      Initiated and Drafted a Palm Card for local residents (KINGSTON CATS)
n      Initiated an Agreement with Dr. Arnold Rugg to neuter/spay 4 feral cats weekly
n      Collaboratively working together and Partnering with Brian Shapiro, CEO UCSPCA, UCSPCA Animal Cruelty Enforcement Officer, Marie Post City of Kingston Cat Warden, Kingston Animal Hospital, Dr. Arnold Rugg, City of Kingston Dog Warden and City of Kingston Clerk, Arlene Rion

n      Lack of information as it relates to the Current Cat Control System in the City of Kingston, i.e.: How many volunteers on the TEAM currently trapping cats within the neighborhoods of Kingston? Lack of community education and volunteers.
n      There are overwhelming pockets of feral cat populations in the City of Kingston. The work of trapping/spaying/neutering, treating cats and then returning them to their environment, or adopting them out is a constant job. The volunteers that accomplish this presently can not handle the demand.
n      Complete financial budget and analysis?
n      Routine Weekly Spay/Neuter appointment system. Current System does not offer Compatible schedules and there are wait time restraints that have a grave affect on the capture of feral cats. Timing is crucial in order to have just one positive outcome with ONE CAT.
n      Responsible Pet Ownership and Responsibility is mandatory.
n      Space and shelter availability at present location is a barrier.
n      Ongoing Cat colony management failing.

n      The Long Range Plan Consideration and Need for the City of Kingston to govern and manage their own animal shelter.
n      Monthly Newspaper Colum “CAT TALES”
n      Aggressive Adoption Programs so the animals do not remain at the shelter for long periods of time.
n      City of Kingston Ward Captains (Alderman) and Volunteers will be recruited in each Ward to work with each other in arriving at solutions to the feral cat population.
n      Funding should be appropriated and allocated to organize a Non for Profit professional clinic in the City of Kingston. City of Kingston owns many buildings that could be a consideration for the location of a clinic.
n      Long Term Solutions: CAT TASK force will continually Network their efforts through Public relations in Pet shops, Veterinarian offices, Libraries, local neighborhoods, local food stores, post office, City Hall, local radio stations and public media presentations.
n      Alderman Captains to Network and recruit constituents in their Ward. The chemistry and makeup of each Ward is unique to the Feral and Abandoned Cat Population.
n      Continuing Community Educational Workshops including the following: To define the problem, prioritize resources and initiate solutions that change pet owners behaviors
n      An estimate of 36 Traps should be available at all times by Ward.

n      Mandatory Spay/Neuter of all Out Door CATS in The City Of Kingston with a visual sign (ear clipping that they have been neutered)
n      City of Kingston Ward Volunteer Team Members will report by location stray cats that are found to be a nuisance to their Team Captain, City of Kingston Alderman.
n      The City of Kingston will strive to encourage volunteers to adopt colonies of cats-trapping them with City Traps, getting them spayed/neutered and making sure they have food and water and a warm protected place to stay warm.
n      The City of Kingston will agree to increase community awareness and owner responsibility through education by Ward Alderman and the City of Kingston CAT Advisory Task Force members.
n      Promote best practices among all animal organizations and local veterinarians
n      Implement effective public policies and ordinances
n      Secure revenue generating alternatives through human and financial resources including possible CBDG Grants.

Over the last six months the City of Kingston Cat Task Advisory Committee has been involved in many phases of making a difference and arriving at solutions to the increasing feral and abandoned cat population in the City of Kingston. In determining a method of control we must analyze the current spending practices and offer a more secure financial plan for the future with serious consideration to managing our own animal shelter. We must also continue to create partnerships and investigate all revenue generating opportunities required to make this a success story for the residents with careful consideration to tax saving initiatives.